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Praia Del Sol (NL)

Praia Del Sol (NL)

Summer Hit 2013 - Maria Lonza

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He is called ‘Mr Sunshine’ and ‘Mr Beach’. The talented youngster from the Netherlands who has always got that sunny smile on his face. His name is Praia del Sol and he is one of the new house revelations! Every weekend he let’s the sun shine in every club or festival around the world. Behind the decks Praia del Sol never fails to deliver. His sublime DJ skills and own tracks, bootlegs and mashups make him stand out.
Praia del Sol’s international breakthrough came with major hit “Sleazy” on Spinnin’ Records. Sleazy became an unofficial summer hit which was soon played by dj’s like Afrojack, Gregor Salto and Franky Rizardo After the worldwide hit “Sleazy” Praia showcased his remix skills for djs like Nicky Romero, D-Rashid, Ricky Rivaro, Dani-L Mebius, Ricky Rivaro and many more. In 2013 Praia del Sol scored a major hit single with “Maria Lionza”. Maria Lionza became no 1 in several dance charts around the world.
Praia del Sol toured from Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire to Bali and Belgium & France for his DJ gigs. He almost played in every big venue in the Netherlands on big parties like Exporn Star, Latin Lovers, Latin Village, Salsalounge and Sneakerz. With his open mind and generous personality Praia del Sol is a warm welcome to every DJ line up. His interactive, enthusiastic and creative way of playing make him not go unnoticed in the clubs or festivals. Praia is always bring that good vibe and tearing the roof of.
If you are searching for something new and refreshing and somebody who can put your stage on fire? Than book Praia del Sol right now!

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