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Mojito song, Merengue, Cuba,...

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In 1996 Robert Abigail started his dj career in his hometown Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
From the smaller bars and clubs he worked his way up in the scene.
Robert Abigail is well known for his uplifting sets which are smooth with a lot of influences from the latin
scene combined with real house, dance, a wink to the urban scene and the best vocals.
In the summer of 2008 Robert Abigail scored a worldwide summer hit with the Mojito song.
This song is well known from the Bacardi commercial. After a few months Mojito song even sold Platinum in several countries.
One summer later in 2009 Robert Abigail did it again, this time together with dj Rebel. A production, similar in style, became a worldwide hit again. Merengue was Robert’s second single.
Since that moment Robert Abigail is one of the most successful and performing dj’s and producers in the Benelux and France, USA, Spain and many other countries are frequent stops for this topdj.
Robert Abigail has also proven himself with his well known remixes. Pitbull, Coollio, Snoop Dogg, Agnes, Aventura, Proyecto Uno, Lou Bega, R.J. and Roselle are just a few names on the huge list of official remixes on Robert's discography!
After many other high charted hits, such as Meneando and Good Times, Robert once again combined forces with the Belgian dj Rebel and scored a massive summer hit in 2011 with Cuba, featuring The Gibson Brothers! This record went gold in less than 2 months and went platinum in 2013, Roberts second platinum single!
Right now Robert Abigail is locking himself up in his studio during every oppertunity he gets between performances to finish his first album, wich will be released spring 2013. The first and featuring single named 'Karma' is a powerful combination with the legendary Kate Ryan. A smashing dance track which shows a different side of Robert Abigail.
Besides the commercial radio singles, Robert is also focussing on more club and festival minded releases. Frequent releases are coming your way! His recent release 'LOUDER!' is a massive festival anthem, strong synths combined with a banging drop which will be a guaranteed festival hit for the summer of 2013!
Step by step Robert Abigail is spreading his love for music and the sunshine within. Don't let him get out of your sight, he is heading straight to the top!

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