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House / All-Round

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When you combine cosy vibes & the jazzy touch of a live saxophone player who knows how to handle it, you get the biggest and sexiest crowds go wild & dancing their asses of on the tunes. We introduce to you, Wonbeat & DSax.

A musician & a resident party rockin’ deejay, both from Leuven, who played at events & clubs such as Springtime Festival, Lokomotion, Forty Five (Hasselt), ‘t Archief (Leuven), Lido (Leuven), … The well-known party places with their own big parties and even bigger deejays, from which Wonbeat & DSax have been making part of by now.

Check out their new gigs right now and be present, ‘cause now they’re banging every party together right up the ass with their mix of the hottest beats and coolest vibes with the extra touch of live sax! They bring it all together, like it’s regular Gin and Tonic, along with the perfect amount of pure solos! They're here to write a new chapter in your nightlife story!

Keep an eye on them, ‘cause this aint the last you’ve heard of ‘em!